Play Responsibly

When it comes to thrilling pastimes, gambling often comes high on the list. Few things can compare to the adrenaline rush from winning real money while having fun. Nevertheless, like all rewarding activities that involve money, it can be potentially risky.

Please check this page carefully for advice on how to counteract some of the negative consequences gambling may have.

When Can Gambling Become Problematic?

If you are able to log into an online casino, have a bit of fun, and leave, then there is nothing to worry about. However, some people have a different experience.

In some cases, a person may develop a psychological dependence on their casino experiences. Because wins feel good and unlock a surge of dopamine in our bodies, some players might find themselves coming back to the casino again and again. Even when they have exceeded their betting budget or need their money for more important things like rent or utilities, they may find themselves gambling them away at casinos.

This compulsive behaviour is called gambling disorder and can be harmful to all important aspects of one's life.

Learn About Compulsive Gambling

There is no sure way to tell right from the beginning whether an individual will have a tendency towards compulsive gambling. The only one to ensure you play responsible and don't spin out of control is to monitor yourself for any of the early signs of gambling disorder.

Below we have outlined some common behaviour patterns in people who may be struggling with compulsive gambling:

If you or someone you care about is struggling with problem gambling, know that help is available. Please consult the relevant source for more information:

GamCare (UK)

National Council on Problem Gambling (US)

Gamble Aware

Priory Group