Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy hereby presented outlines the procedures uses to obtain and process users' Personal Data. As we strive to deliver a high-quality casino-matching service, has a genuine interest in collecting data that we need to accurately perform the services advertised on our site, as well as to investigate potential areas for improvement. Our company diligently follows the relevant data privacy laws throughout the entirety of our data collection and processing operations.


The present document explains in detail the process and reasons why gathers the Personal Data of site visitors, how this data is used and stored, and what specific rights the users have in relation to the processing of their information.

To better understand this Privacy Policy, we advise all clients to carefully read the definitions of the legal terms that frequently appear throughout this document.


How Do We Collect Personal Data?

As an online-based business, we need to collect a certain bare minimum of user data to keep this website operational and to provide the services mentioned on As for the specific methods of data collection, we rely on the following:

When a site visitor uses the web page, they can provide some Personal Data to us with their freely given consent. For instance, if the customer fills in our Contact Us form or enters their contact info when requesting casino recommendations, they agree to share the requested information with

Furthermore, clients may provide additional Personal Data when communicating with Aside from the basic contact information necessary for correspondence, the user may share more data at their own discretion. Information shared this way that is not necessary for the fulfilment of our services will not be subjected to processing.

If cookies are enabled, may also gather additional insights into the user's browsing habits. Such data collection is useful to us in a technical sense, as it helps us understand how our site performs. Note that cookies assist us in learning about different groups of users based on shared characteristics. We do not use site visitors' browsing data collected via cookies to identify specific individuals.

How Do We Process Personal Data? needs to process some of the Personal Data of site visitors in order to successfully provide its advertised services, maintain all the functions on this website, and think of possible improvements to our services. All of our Data Processing activities are in line with the GDPR and any other applicable data privacy legislation.

Below you can see the legal groups for to process our users' data:

Please, take into account that is merely the Data Collector, not the Data Processor. When site visitors engage with buttons or other types of affiliate links on our website, they will be referred to third-party online casinos, which will provide them with the opportunity to create accounts and use their betting services. The Data Processors are the online casinos we connect users with. They are also the parties responsible for storing each user's Personal Data. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal information, please communicate with these online casinos directly.

The Purpose of Personal Data Collection and Processing

As previously explained, gathers and processes the Personal Data of site visitors merely to provide the services described on our website and to gather ideas about the further development of our business.

More specifically, we need this information from users to:

Cookie Use uses cookies to learn about the browsing preferences of our users, save their settings, enable functionalities such as auto-fill, improve the transition from our site to third-party resources, and more. The information gathered through cookie use is essential to our understanding of this platform's performance and potential flaws, if any.

Users can disable cookies, but this will negatively affect their browsing experience.

Below you can learn more about the types of cookies used on this website.

Essential Cookies

This type of cookie ensures the normal functioning of our website. Without them, you may run into unexpected errors and generally not experience as intended.

Google Analytics Cookies

We may also put Google Analytics cookies on to learn more about the background and preferences of our customers so we may cater to their interests and needs better.

Third-party Cookies

This platform may also contain cookies owned by our third-party affiliate partners.

How Is Personal Data Stored? does not store the Personal Data of site visitors on its servers. We use your information for the shortest amount of time necessary for the fulfilment of our services and do not save it afterwards. Any data saved is kept on the servers of our third-party partners, who are the Data Processors in this case. They handle this data with care and process it in accordance with the GDPR or equivalent data privacy laws that may apply.

How Is Personal Data Protected?

We have ensured that the platform is completely safe and adheres to the most current security standards for websites. Thus, we can provide our users with a safe and hassle-free browsing experience where their data is secure.

If a third party requests access to our users' information, we shall inform the customer of that request and obtain their informed consent before any sharing of data occurs. Moreover, requests from unauthorised or illegitimate third parties will be dismissed.

As for the employees, they have all signed confidentiality agreements and are not at liberty to divulge users' Personal Data to anyone without the proper authorisation. When using our services, your Data will only be handled by the minimum amount of staff necessary.

Note that there may be cases where a third party makes a legitimate request to access your information. For example, a legal body such as the police or the court might submit a request in connection with a criminal investigation, among other possible cases. will carefully evaluate each request for access to find out if it truly is legitimate. In case it is, we will consider our legal obligations to determine whether we are compelled to comply by law. In all events, we will notify the user of the request. If the sharing of their Personal Data requires the client's consent, we will ask for it in a timely manner and withhold sharing their information until we have the user's agreement.

Personal Data Sharing

If another website or organisation wishes to see our users' Personal Data, we will notify the customer and request their consent, or else refuse the request.

Note that by agreeing to's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you also agree to your information being shared with several authorised third parties, such as the company hosting this website and other IT-based parties that legally require access to this data to keep this website running and operational. This type of data sharing is done according to the legal provisions of the GDPR or other relevant data privacy laws.

Your Data Privacy Rights

As stipulated in the GDPR and similar data protection legislation valid in regions other than the European Union, all site visitors have the following rights:

Moreover, site users may also:

In addition, other privacy-related legislation may apply, depending on your country of residence. Please, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page if you have further questions.

Policy Changes has the right to edit and modify all of its website content, including this Privacy Policy, without prior notice to the users. All site visitors are advised to regularly check our legal pages to ensure they are familiar with the latest versions of these documents. The changes become valid from the moment they are published on the site. Continued use of indicates you accept and consent to the updated content.