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The current Agreement contains the Terms governing the use of sweet-bonanza.app, the owner of this website. They are applicable to the entire website and any other pages managed by sweet-bonanza.app. Site visitors are obliged to adhere to these Terms in their entirety.


Agreement to the Terms

If you disagree with any clauses of this Agreement, kindly refrain from using our website. Your ongoing interaction with our site will be interpreted as an acknowledgment and agreement to these Terms. By continuing to access and use this site, you explicitly express your consent to the conditions herein presented. Keep in mind that all the stated terms and conditions are binding for customers while using our website.

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Within this Agreement, all first-person pronouns denote sweet-bonanza.app, while any words in the second-person mark the site users, alongside any related synonyms such as client, customer, and so forth.

Last updated: July 3, 2023.

Affiliate Disclaimer

sweet-bonanza.app itself does not operate a casino and holds no licence about betting services whatsoever. Our website is not a place where users can gamble directly and we do not offer any casino game software or betting advice.

The only service we provide is to recommend online casinos with whom sweet-bonanza.app has affiliate partnerships. Our platform works with various online casinos from many countries and we receive client acquisition fees in compensation for driving traffic towards our partners' betting websites. The sole purpose of this website is to connect players with casinos and grant them access to exclusive offers, courtesy of our partners.

There are many different materials on our website that may include affiliate links, such as clickable buttons, banners, images, and more. We have placed them on our site to facilitate directing site users to our casino partners. The decision whether to click on or follow any of these affiliate links is up to each user.

If the client follows such a link and ends up making a purchase, our company will be compensated by the casino where the user made the purchase. Nevertheless, our commission fee is paid by the casino and does not add any surcharges to the user's betting account, nor does it affect the pricing of any services offered by the online casino where the client has an account.

Furthermore, note that sweet-bonanza.app is in no way liable for any damages related to using the affiliate links on our website. Our commission fees are not dependent on your betting experience.

Use of the Website

It is always sweet-bonanza.app's intention to deliver the best and most reliable services we can. Nevertheless, we cannot completely eliminate the possibility of technical issues arising, or the need for us to limit users' access to the website while we work on improving it.

Some of the interruptions you may experience might be due to scheduled maintenance work to implement new features or update the website content on sweet-bonanza.app. Whenever our team plans to carry out such activities, we shall do our best to inform our customers in a timely manner. However, some interruptions may be due to emergencies caused by unforeseen circumstances, so sweet-bonanza.app reserves its right to limit access to the site even without prior notice if it deems it necessary.

As the owners of this website, we also have the right to change or replace any part of its contents, including the present Agreement, with or without prior notice to our customers. If we make any amendments, they are considered valid as soon as we publish them on the site. Customers are responsible for routinely re-reading these Terms and our other legal policies to keep abreast of any changes made.

We also advise our users to exercise caution when following any links they may find on sweet-bonanza.app. Though we occasionally hyperlink to other web pages we think might interest our site visitors, we cannot guarantee the information on websites we do not own or operate is truthful, valid, or accurate. Do your due diligence to evaluate all third-party resources carefully.

Moreover, sweet-bonanza.app is not responsible for any potential damages or losses due to technical issues on our website or the content on third-party sites we may have linked to.

Copyrighted Content

Any text, pictures, video or audio clips, code, and other content uploaded on sweet-bonanza.app is our intellectual property, unless we are displaying materials that belong to a different company, with permission and due credit pointing to the copyright's owner. Users are prohibited from copying, sharing, distributing, or attempting to alter any copyrighted materials on sweet-bonanza.app.

In cases where the user wishes to use our intellectual property, they need to contact sweet-bonanza.app in advance and provide a thorough explanation on the intended use, which sweet-bonanza.app will then consider. We reserve the right to deny your request.

Users can still print out our content for personal use.

Content Uploaded by Users

Users of the sweet-bonanza.app website can generate website content in some instances. Common examples include anything said in correspondence with sweet-bonanza.app, or posting public reviews or comments on our website, if we have made such functionalities available to customers.

By using sweet-bonanza.app, you agree that we have the right to read, copy, store, or process such user-generated content and that it becomes property of sweet-bonanza.app as soon as it is posted on our website. Like other information contributed by our customers, sweet-bonanza.app guarantees that it will adhere to the relevant data privacy laws when working with content uploaded by site users.

sweet-bonanza.app kindly asks its customers not to post any potentially harmful, defamatory or hateful content, materials that are offensive to the company or our user base, and content that violates another person or company's intellectual property rights. We reserve the right to remove such content if we see it and to limit a user's access to our website if they have engaged in such behaviour.

The sentiments contained in website content that was originally posted by site visitors are the user's own and may not align with the opinions of the sweet-bonanza.app team. Site visitors must exercise due caution when viewing user-generated content as it is not officially approved or endorsed by us.


sweet-bonanza.app bears no responsibility for any adverse outcomes that may arise, whether directly or indirectly as a result of:

Content Changes

sweet-bonanza.app, as the owner of this website, retains the right to make changes to its content, including these Terms of Use, with or without notifying its customers in advance. Any such amendments become valid from the moment they go live on sweet-bonanza.app. Your continued use of the site signifies your consent to the content changes.


If you need any further information about us or our services, you can use the Contact Us page to get in touch with our team.


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Misconduct and Unlawful Behaviour

All sweet-bonanza.app site visitors must use this website in compliance with the law. Other than the clauses explicitly stipulated in this Agreement, you must follow the laws in your country and refrain from posting dangerous content or spreading malicious files and content.

If any user fails to comply with this clause, the sweet-bonanza.app team reserves the right to limit their access to this site temporarily or permanently. Moreover, we may also report suspected unlawful behaviour to the authorities if we deem an investigation is in order.