Radim Polášek

Though Radim comes from an illustrious background in marketing, the digital gambling sector is what he is most passionate about. He has previously worked at numerous casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and enjoys applying his robust knowledge to the dynamic world of online gambling to discover new pockets of opportunity - and help any struggling players along in the process.

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Online Casinos as the Ultimate Money-Maker

As a result, he is one of our most sharp-eyed researchers. He is quick to spot exploitative tactics and flag a casino as a potential threat. At the same time, he also knows a good deal when he sees one. Thus, he is instrumental in our casino evaluation process. It takes a lot to impress him - so we know that he never makes recommendations lightly. His instincts are sharp and his reviews - even sharper.

Radim Polášek has an MA in Marketing and Communications, but his love for the game naturally led him to seek employment in the casino industry. Around 2005 he developed an interest in the digital gambling sector as a more convenient alternative.

With his deep understanding of traditional casino games and the odds players face, Radim is able to offer informed insights into the industry. He approaches online betting analytically, considering its short- and long-term pros and cons carefully in advance. Likely owing to his background in traditional casinos, Radim has a natural 'feel' for each game. He knows when to step on the breaks or when to accelerate, and his reviews can help teach novice players some of those skills.

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