Maurizio De Luca

Maurizio is a seasoned developer who loves all things digital. About 15 years ago he discovered he had a passion for casino games; and when he experienced his first-ever online casino, it was love at first sight. He has since been an active member of the betting community. There’s hardly a game out there he hasn’t tried. With his understanding of code and rules, he is quick to pick up on how casino games work and which ones have the most meaningful RTP. While this interest started out as a hobby, Maurizio gradually transitioned into writing about gambling, in the hopes of assisting novice players around the globe.

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Betting Games - From Hobby to Career

Maurizio De Luca first became interested in the online gambling scene in 2007. Little did he know that what started out with a little curiosity would turn into a lifelong career.

Honing his hands-on experience with various casinos over the years, Maurizio has also helped develop different software solutions for many companies in the industry. Thanks to his keen understanding of mathematics and probabilities, he’s assisted countless companies with their casino product development over the years.

Moreover, Maurizio has used his extensive insider experience to share industry secrets and provide exclusive tips for other players as part of our company. His reports help break down fundamental betting concepts such as variance, RTP, and more, in order to make essential gameplay terms more accessible.

Slot games are a particular favourite of Maurizio’s. He admits slots are what he usually gravitates towards when he dons his gambling hat. He knows the history of slots quite well, has played through all of the biggest titles in this genre, and is often among the first people to learn of new slot games in development. Those are just some of the reasons why we believe you’d enjoy his reviews and exclusive tips!

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